His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Eventually that entire generation died and was buried. Then another generation grew up that didn't know anything of GOD or the work he had done for Israel. Judges 2:10 (MSG)

The other night Jennifer Hudson was on a late night talk show. The host asked her how she started singing, and she said it was in the church. Because her voice is so incredible, she said she became the singer of choice whenever there was a funeral. She added that families would always ask her to sing “His Eye is on the Sparrow”.

The young talk show host said he wasn’t familiar with the song, so he asked Jennifer to sing it. She gave a soulful rendition that captivated the audience, but I was still thinking about the talk show host not knowing the song. I just assumed everyone knew it. In fact, if you are of a certain age and were raised in the church, you are most likely familiar with “His Eye is on the Sparrow”.

But the truth is, if you were not raised in the church, then no one should expect you to know the song. For that matter, there are probably plenty of churches that never use the song in their worship services.

None of this is to knock the talk show host, anyone who isn’t familiar with “His Eye is on the Sparrow”, or congregations who worship in different ways than the churches I grew up in (mumble mumble) years ago.

Here are two points for us all to consider:

  • First, no matter what generation you are in, eventually everyone in your generation will die and be buried. Then another generation will grow up, and it is up to us to make sure they know about God and the work he has done for us. I’m not talking about teaching them certain songs or hymns; I mean we need to teach them about Jesus and the work he did to connect us to the Father.
  • Second, we should never assume what younger generations know. Just because we know the Bible, just because we know Jesus, doesn’t mean the next generation has any idea about the things we’ve learned or experienced. We are responsible for teaching the next generation about God so they will know him “and they in turn will teach their own children. So each generation should set its hope anew on God, not forgetting his glorious miracles and obeying his commands” (Psalms 78:6b-7 NLT).

Jon Walker is the author of Costly Grace.

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This devotional is copyrighted 2011 by Jon Walker. Used by permission.

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