Keep Loving Others By Recharging Emotionally

"Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails."  1 Corinthians 13:7-8 (NIV)

Praising God will renew and rejuvenate you. Psalms 59 "I will sing of your strength in the morning and I will sing of your love for you are my refuge in times of trouble."

You cannot love people the way God loves you without God's power in your life because human love runs out. 

If you feel that nothing seems to be worth the effort, or life seems to be futile, or you find yourself blaming God for your problems -- "Why did you let this happen to me?" - these are warning signs of spiritual burnout.

1 Timothy 4:8 says: "Take the time and trouble to keep yourself spiritually fit."  (Phillips) How do you stay spiritually fit so you can love people?  By building habits into your life that keep you spiritually renewed. 

A daily quiet time -- "This is the reason we never lose heart.  Our body does suffer wear and tear but every day the inward man receives fresh strength."  (2 Corinthians 4:16) Outwardly our body suffers wear and tear, but inwardly we can be spiritually renewed every day by spending time alone with God. 

I don't know what could help your life more than to begin the habit of a daily time with God.  Start out with just ten minutes a day. Find a place where you can be by yourself - the car, your bedroom or living room, the backyard, even your office.  Then pick a book of the Bible and read a chapter a day.  Read it, think about what you've read, write some things down.  That's a habit that will make a difference and keep you spiritually renewed. 

Small group -- A Christian without a small group is an orphan. You need a small group.  "Let us encourage one another daily." You need to get together in a small group at least weekly where you can share needs and problems, where you care and pray for each other.

Worship - Praising God will renew and rejuvenate you. Psalms 59 "I will sing of your strength in the morning and I will sing of your love for you are my refuge in times of trouble." You need that emotional release and that recharging that comes from singing.  Put on a Christian tape or CD and sing along and see how God restores your soul.

Give hope, prayer, and encouragement below. Post a comment & talk about it.



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