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Six ways your church will benefit from Class 101:

Understanding the basics of Christianity

Class 101 provides an overview of the core beliefs and practices of the Christian faith. By taking this class, people in your church will gain a better understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

Establishing a foundation for faith

For those who are new to Christianity, Class 101 will help to provide a solid foundation for their faith. By learning about key concepts such as salvation, baptism, and communion, they will feel more confident in their beliefs and better equipped to navigate the challenges of the Christian life.

Connecting with other believers

Class 101 is often taught in a small group setting, which gives group members an opportunity to connect with other Christians who are on their own spiritual journeys. This is particularly helpful for those who are new to church or who want to build relationships with other believers.

Learning from experienced leaders

In many churches, experienced leaders teach Class 101, providing an opportunity for others to learn from those who have been on the Christian journey for many years. These leaders offer insights and wisdom that are invaluable for those who are just starting out.

Developing a sense of belonging

In Class 101, participants gain a sense of belonging to a larger community of believers. This is particularly important for those who have felt isolated or disconnected in the past.

Preparing for further growth

Class 101 provides a strong foundation for those who want to continue to grow in their faith. By understanding the basics of Christianity, individuals in your church will be better equipped to take on more advanced topics and dive deeper into their spiritual journey.

What is

Class 101?

What is Class 101?

In Class 101: Discovering Our Church Family, people in your church will have the opportunity to get to know God and his purpose for their lives. They’ll also learn what your church believes and why you believe it.

Everyone wants to find a place where they belong. Whether someone is new to your church or has been attending for a while, Class 101 will help them find their place—a place where they can feel supported, encouraged, and loved.

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Here’s what people in your church can look forward to in Class 101:

  • Learn about why they’re here and why they matter
  • Connect with others and start intentionally building community
  • Get a glimpse into the history and vision of your church

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