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Six ways your church will benefit from Class 301:

Discovering their unique gifts and talents

Class 301 is designed to help participants identify their unique gifts and talents. By understanding their strengths, they’ll be better equipped to serve others and make a difference in your community.

Connecting with a ministry team

Class 301 includes teachings on how participants can get involved in ministry teams within your church, giving them an opportunity to serve alongside others and make a positive difference in your community.

Gaining leadership skills

As participants begin to serve on ministry teams, they develop leadership skills like communication, organization, and teamwork.

Growing in their character

As they serve on ministry teams together, participants grow in character by developing qualities like humility, patience, and perseverance.

Developing a sense of purpose

Using their gifts and talents to serve others helps participants develop a sense of purpose and meaning. This is particularly valuable for those struggling to find direction or a sense of significance.

Making a positive impact in the world

By serving on a ministry team and using their gifts and talents to help others, participants make a positive impact on the world around them. This leads to fulfillment, joy, and a deeper understanding of their role in God’s plan.

What is Class 301?

What is Class 301?

What you do with your life matters to God. Sometimes it might feel like your actions are inconsequential, but you were created for a purpose! God has shaped you in a unique way–by your spiritual gifts, your heart, your abilities, your personality, and your experiences. Class 301: Discovering My Ministry—the third of the four CLASS courses—will help participants pinpoint the unique ways God has shaped them to find their best place to minister in your church.

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Here’s what people in your church can look forward to in Class 301:

  • Find meaning and value in what they do by going from a consumer to a contributor
  • Discover their own God-given S.H.A.P.E. to find their perfect ministry match


  • Start making a difference in the lives of those around them


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