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Why should you listen to The Purpose Driven Life?

Find Your Focus

The book provides practical guidance on how to discover your purpose and live a meaningful life.

Empower Personal Growth

The book encourages you to take responsibility for your personal growth and offers practical advice on how to achieve personal goals.

Cultivate Joy

The book promotes living a purposeful life, which brings joy and fulfillment.

Improve Relationships

The book emphasizes the importance of building relationships and offers practical advice on how to improve your relationships with family, friends, and others.

Benefits of Experiencing The Purpose Driven Life as an Audiobook:

Improved Comprehension

You’ll understand the material better by hearing the tone, inflection, and emotion in the narrator’s voice.

Better Retention

You may retain information better than you do from reading because you are engaging different parts of your brain. Some people find it easier to remember things they have heard than things they have read!


You can make the most of your time by listening to the audiobook while performing other tasks, such as exercising, commuting, or doing household chores.

More Accessible

If you have visual impairments or reading difficulties, you’ll find the audiobook more accessible, making it easier for you to access and enjoy The Purpose Driven Life.


Because you can download the audiobook on your phone, tablet, or computer, it’s easy to carry your library with you wherever you go.

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About The Purpose Driven Life Audiobook

Designed to be listened over the course of 40 days, The Purpose Driven Life will help you see the big picture, giving you a fresh perspective on the way that the pieces of your life fit together. Every section of The Purpose Driven Life provides a daily meditation and practical steps to help you uncover and live out your purpose, starting with exploring three essential questions:

  • The question of existence: Why am I alive?

  • The question of significance: Does my life matter?

  • The question of purpose: What on Earth am I here for?

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