CLASS 101-401

Belong. Grow. Serve. Share.

What is CLASS?

Created by Rick Warren, the CLASS discipleship program is a proven pathway to grow the people of your church spiritually.


  • CLASS leads to spiritual transformation — Empower your people to become both hearers and doers of the Word.
  • CLASS is trench-tested — Taught for more than 35 years at Saddleback Church and thousands of churches—of every size and shape—all around the world.
  • CLASS is fully customizable — We provide easy-to-use files that you can edit to better fit the needs of your church.

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The CLASS course is made up of four classes:

  • 101: Discovering Our Church Family
  • 201: Discovering My Spiritual Maturity
  • 301: Discovering My Ministry
  • 401: Discovering My Life Mission

Resources for each class include a TEACHER’S GUIDE and a PARTICIPANT’S GUIDE. The Teacher’s Guide contains teaching tips and transcripts from Rick Warren. The Participant’s Guide contains key points, Scriptures, and notes.

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What to expect from each course:

Class 101

This course is designed to help people understand the basics of the Christian faith, including the importance of baptism and membership in a church. It can be particularly helpful for new Christians or those who are exploring Christianity for the first time.

Class 201

This course focuses on spiritual growth and provides tools for developing a stronger prayer life, understanding the Bible, and building relationships with other believers. It can be helpful for those who want to deepen their faith and build a stronger foundation for their spiritual journey.

Class 301

This course focuses on discovering and using your unique gifts and talents to serve others in your church and community. It can be helpful for those who want to get more involved in their church and make a difference in the lives of others.

Class 401

This course focuses on sharing your faith with others and becoming a disciple who makes other disciples. It can be helpful for those who want to become more effective in sharing the Gospel and helping others grow in their faith.

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When your church implements Rick Warren’s CLASS course materials, you’ll experience these benefits:

Deepening the spiritual maturity of your members

Offering these courses provides your church members with opportunities to grow in their faith and develop a deeper relationship with God. This results in a more spiritually mature congregation that is better equipped to face the challenges of life and make a positive impact in the world around you.

Equipping members for ministry

In Class 201 and Class 301, your church members will identify and develop their unique gifts and talents for the purpose of serving others. This will result in a more engaged and active congregation that is better equipped to meet the needs of your community.

Building a strong sense of community

When you offer CLASS in a small group setting, your church will foster strong community among your members. This will result in deeper relationships and a greater sense of belonging, which will help strengthen the overall health of your church.

Encouraging evangelism

Class 401 will equip your members to share their faith in a clear and compelling way. This will result in a more evangelistic congregation that is actively seeking to bring others into a relationship with God.

Developing leaders

In Class 301 and Class 401, your church will develop leaders who are equipped to serve in a variety of ministry roles. This will result in a more capable and effective leadership team that is equipped to guide your church into the future.

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